At Peer & Hart, PC, we believe that the best legal solutions are the product of diligence, legal acumen and a deep understanding of our clients' interests. As former attorneys at top national law firms, we know first-hand the importance of providing top-quality work under tight deadlines, and we approach every matter with the precision and attention to detail that clients expect. We will personally assist with your employment rights and if we accept your case, make detailed preparations to represent you in mediation and court proceedings.

David Peer - Los Angeles Employment Rights Attorney

David Peer

Michael Hart - Los Angeles Employment Rights Attorney

Michael Hart

We also understand that the law doesn't exist in a vacuum and that every client and every business has a host of interests to protect. From corporate culture, to reputational risk, to the bottom line, we take the time to understand what matters to our clients, so that we can provide solutions that are legally sound and make practical sense. We believe that "Personal Service" isn't just a catch phrase, it is the foundation of each of our client relationships and it is what allows us to obtain superior results.

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